Monday, April 13, 2009

The Demise of the U.S. Newspaper?

In a 2003 MSNBC news article titled Newspaper circulation on rise, just not in U.S., the writer discusses a marked increase in global newspaper readership.  However, according to this article, newspaper circulation is on the decline in the United States.  Research shows that more and more people in this country appear to be foregoing the printed word in favor of online newspapers, e-mails, and various other types of digital media.

For years people have been claiming the advent of digital media would cause the demise of newspapers.  Over the years, however, the same has been said with each new form of mass media presented to the public.  Many thought that the Internet was a deathblow for television, just as they thought television would surely end the days of radio.  It’s been found, however, that the older forms of mass media merely adapt (and in many cases converge) whenever a new form is invented.  So I doubt we’re witnessing the end of the printed word in this country.

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